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Marc Cain

Beware of Marc Cain counterfeit products!


The brand Marc Cain

Mark Cain is one of the top brands for women's fashion and known worldwide. The successful fashion label was founded in 1973 by Helmut Schlotterer, who discovered his enthusiasm for the world of fashion very early through his parents' knitwear business. Like his parents, the young fashion designer specialized in knitwear. In 1976, Helmut Schlotterer moved from the Italian town of Carpi, near Bologna, to the Swabian town of Bodelshausen, where he took over his father's production facility. Even today, Marc Cain's headquarters are still located there.


Marc Cain products

Marc Cain products are especially known for their excellent quality. This is ensured by the latest processing techniques and the brand's high standards for materials and design. In addition to the original knitwear, the label has a variety of other pieces on the market today. From jackets, dresses, jeans and blouses to belts, shoes, bags and other accessories - there is something suitable for every occasion. In addition to elegant clothing, the "Sports" line offers more casual collections.


Marc Cain counterfeit products

However, the popularity of a fashion brand also brings disadvantages. As with products of other well-known brands, there are also many fakes of Marc Cain parts in circulation. To avoid falling for the scammers' tricks, you should follow these tips. Check the seams of your garment. Are the stitches accurate and even? If they are not, there is a good chance that you are holding a cheap fake in your hands. For knitted items, look for the uniformity of the knitting patterns and the quality of the wool. Compare the label of your Marc Cain piece with a product of the brand that you know for sure is original. Do the logo and writing match? Especially the details often give information about the authenticity or falsification of a product.

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