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Beware of Mammut counterfeit products!


The Mammut brand - a Swiss original

Mammut enjoys the reputation of a top brand as a manufacturer of clothing and equipment in mountain sports. The product range serves the high demands of alpine extreme athletes.
The success story began in 1862 in Dintikon, Switzerland. The rope factory founded at that time by Kaspar Kanner has since been able to grow into today's stock corporation based in Seon. In its more recent history, Mammut Sports Group AG has taken over renowned brand manufacturers such as Raichle, Ajungilak and Snowpulse.
Sympathy earned the company even outside the mountain sports scene with quality and a sense of responsibility. Through conscientious control of materials and production conditions, one faces the contemporary challenges.


Mammut Fashion & Products

Especially popular are jackets and pants from Mammut.
The focus of development is on particularly high expectations for breathability and freedom of movement. Technologies such as "GoreTex®", "DryTex®" or "Power Stretch®" bring about functionality and wearing comfort.
Names like "Nordwand", "Trovat" or "Ultimate" refer to entire series of products. In the case of clothing and footwear, they stand above all for protection against moisture, wind and cold.
In the functional underwear category, names like "Go Dry" and "Go Warm" speak for themselves.
Up to the "Cargo Trolley" Mammut also offers bags and backpacks.


Mammoth fakes

Counterfeiters prefer popular product categories. Mammut fakes are therefore mostly jackets, pants, other clothing and backpacks. With these items, you should therefore be particularly critical about whether it is an original.
You should notice Mammut fakes already by the price.
Sometimes bargains are possible, with discontinued models or little demanded sizes. But keep in mind that no retailer wants to sell off quality goods!
Mammut fakes are often poorly researched, children's clothing, for example, is not offered by the original manufacturer at all. Therefore, always make sure that you can find the corresponding product in the manufacturer's catalog or at reputable retailers.
The quality of the original is not matched by any Mammut fake. In the vast majority of cases, you will quickly feel when you hold a Mammut fake in your hands.

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