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Beware of Lacoste counterfeit products!


The Lacoste brand

In 1921, René Lacoste won his first tennis tournament at the age of just 17. This was not only the start of a great career in sports, but also in the world of fashion. While playing tennis, he felt the need for comfortable clothes that would still reflect his classic style. So in 1927 he designed what is probably the most famous product of the Lacoste brand: The polo shirt. The special feature of this shirt is the ribbed fabric, which is much airier than the usual tennis shirts of the time. Thus, the top was ideal for sports. The first polo shirt was, like the usual tennis shirts at the time, white.

Lacoste products

Today, the classic comes in all sorts of colors. The logo of the Lacoste brand came from the nickname "the crocodile", which René Lacoste received through a bet for a suitcase made of crocodile leather. So he had a logo designed in the shape of a crocodile, which still adorns the brand's products. Today, the Lacoste brand is much more than a sports outfitter for tennis. In addition to the famous polo shirts, the French company also carries other clothing such as jackets, pants and dresses. In addition, Lacoste also has leather goods such as belts or bags, as well as accessories and shoes in its range.

Lacoste counterfeit products

Due to the popularity of the Lacoste brand, a lot of fakes are offered. This includes of course fake Lacoste polo shirts but also all other Lacoste products are sold as counterfeit products especially in fraudulent fake stores offered.

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