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Jack Wolfskin

Beware of Jack Wolfskin counterfeit products!


Jack Wolfskin History

The company Jack Wolfskin was founded in 1981 in Frankfurt a. M. By Ulrich Dausien. Initially as a private brand within the Sine company. The outdoor label quickly established itself and was subsequently able to enjoy ever greater popularity among customers. Through these successes, Jack Wolfskin quickly developed into an independent brand and was sold to Johnson Outdoors in 1991.
Initially, the company exclusively served specialist retailers until it opened its first own branch in Heidelberg in 1993. Rapid expansion followed. Initially within Europe, from 2009 also on the Asian market. Today, the outdoor label has more than 3,400 sales outlets and over 210 franchise stores worldwide.
With its weather-protective functional clothing, Jack Wolfskin has created a trend that has earned the brand cult status. This status is to be further expanded by current collections, such as the Tech Lab, Softshell or Heritage.

Jack Wolfskin Fashion

The product focus is on weather-resistant outdoor clothing, such as softshell jackets, functional underwear and fleece tops.
Functional and weatherproof are also the shoes, whether they are trekking shoes, hiking shoes or trail running shoes.
Another mainstay is the associated equipment, such as weatherproof tents, backpacks and sleeping bags.
The product range appeals equally to all age groups, men, women and children. In the wilderness, no consideration is given to gender and age.
The company enjoys a very good reputation among its customers due to its high quality standards.

Jack Wolfskin fakes

But the success also has its downsides. Like other popular brands, Wolfskin has to adjust to the widespread product plagiarism. Jack Wolfskin fakes are now widespread. But how do you protect yourself from a Jack Wolfskin fake?
If the products are significantly cheaper than in the usual stores, you should already become suspicious. However, if something has already been purchased, the direct comparison with original products is the best way to recognize a fake. Often you can quickly recognize a Jack Wolfskin fake by the logo. Either the letters in the logo are not accurately embroidered and defective, or the famous Jack Wolfskin paw is missing claws or toes.
However, the surest way to avoid Jack Wolfskin fakes is to shop only in designated original Jack Wolfskin stores.

Originalo purchase recommendation

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