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Hugo Boss

Beware of Hugo Boss counterfeit products!


The history of the Hugo Boss brand

The name Hugo Boss is one of the most famous fashion brands in the world and is considered a trendsetter. In addition to the exclusive and high-quality clothing division, the market share in the perfume segment has also been expanded in the course of the last few years, in addition to accessories. Founded in 1924 in Metzingen, Baden-Württemberg, the company is nowadays one of the megacorporations in the industry with an annual turnover of 2.8 billion euros.
Hugo Ferdinand Boss, company founder and spiritual head, who led the company until his death in 1948, began as a manufacturer of workwear. The Boss brand established itself in the course of the 1960s under the leadership of the son-in-law Eugen Holy, who took over the leadership of the family business after the death of the company founder and placed the Boss label on the market.

Elegance and style - attributes of the brand Hugo Boss

Boss has evolved over the years from an exclusive men's outfitter to a fashion supplier for the whole family. The classic fashion for men focuses on the sporty line in addition to suits, shirts and jackets. Polo shirts and sweaters for every sporty elegant appearance. In the field of women's fashion, the design forge covers all the fashion demands of today's successful modern woman.
The product range has grown in recent years and apart from the well-known clothing offers, exclusive accessories have also been added to the range. In addition to the various perfume fragrances, it is bags as well as purses that continue the exclusive style and convince with functionality suitable for everyday use.

Hugo Boss Fake and Hugo Boss Fakes

Success is unfortunately copied and plagiarism is a problem for the Boss brand. To recognize a Hugo Boss fake in advance is not easy due to the constantly increasing quality of fakes. But of course, neither the quality nor the workmanship of a fake comes close to the original product. A suspicious feature of a Hugo Boss fake is the price. If Hugo Boss 50% brand products or more are offered below the official retail price, then beware.
Authorized Boss online stores and retail stores are the safest way to buy an original Boss product.

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