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Beware of Guess counterfeit products!


The brand GUESS

Guess Inc (often just called GUESS) is a fashion company from the USA. GUESS was founded in 1981 by brothers Paul and Maurice Marciano and has its headquarters in Los Angeles. Despite the major image problems that the company had due to poor working conditions, sales grew steadily. The brand was particularly noticeable for its mostly erotic advertising. In addition to the main brand GUESS, the assortment includes other brands such as GUESS by MARCIANO, Baby GUESS or GUESS Kids. Overall, the products belong to the higher price range.

GUESS products

In addition to clothing, GUESS also manufactures jewelry, watches and perfume and sells them in its own GUESS Online Shop. GUESS also sells accessories such as bags or sunglasses. The clothing is mainly intended for leisure and offers the complete range of clothing from T-shirts and sweatshirts to jackets and coats to jeans or shoes. The garments often have one thing in common: the logo of the brand cannot be overlooked, as it is emblazoned on the chest in capital letters, for example. Generally, the items are very colorful and eye-catching. However, there are also plain designs, so there should be something for every taste.

GUESS Detect Fake

The GUESS brand enjoys great popularity, which unfortunately also leads to the fact that many GUESS counterfeits are in circulation with which customers are misled. The counterfeits are often made so professionally that they are difficult to distinguish from the original.
In general, you should pay attention to the workmanship. The counterfeits are usually not as high quality as the original product. In the case of GUESS, pay special attention to the logo or lettering, as this is an important feature of the brand.
You can avoid falling for fakes if you are already vigilant about the store's website. If the site looks dubious, you should be careful. Furthermore, you should only shop at licensed and official GUESS stores buy. Also, too cheap prices are usually an indication that it is not a genuine product, but a GUESS fake.

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