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Beware of Gucci counterfeit products!


The brand Gucci

Master saddler Guccio Gucci founded a workshop for leather goods and luggage in Florence in 1921. He was soon able to expand in Italy. In 1947, he designed the Bamboo Bag, a handbag with a bamboo handle, famous for the fashion label. Today, the popular handbag is still one of the best sellers of the luxury brand. Thus, the Gucci company made its name with high-quality handbags and leather goods.

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Gucci products

Today, in the assortment of the brand you can also find clothing, shoes and accessories such as belts, glasses or jewelry. The design of the brand is often reminiscent of images from equestrian sports. Thus, the symbol of the interconnected stirrups is a real emblem of the label. After the death of the founder, the fashion brand's logo, the intertwined "G", was established in the 1960s and Gucci became known worldwide. However, due to internal family disputes, the success did not last long and parts of the company had to be sold. With the takeover of the design leadership by Tom Ford in the mid-90s, Gucci received a real boost again. Thus, in the following years, the fashion label became one of the most famous and expensive luxury brands.

Gucci counterfeit products

Due to the popularity of the Gucci brand, a lot of fakes are offered. This includes of course fake Gucci bags but also all other Gucci products are sold as counterfeit products especially in fraudulent fake stores offered.

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