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Beware of Fjällräven counterfeit products!

The Swedish outdoor brand Fjällräven AB was founded in 1960 by Åke Nordin. The term Fjällräven, which means polar fox in Swedish, can also be found as an image in the company logo. Fjällräven revolutionized the outdoor gear and functional clothing market in the 1960s with new improved thermal fabrics that were also made water repellent, windproof and more durable with a newly developed beeswax-paraffin blend. This material, called G-1000, is still one of the most durable outdoor fabrics and can now be found not only in the Greenland Jacket, the first G-1000 product, but is also used for a variety of other Fjällräven products. Meanwhile, there are also the G-1000 variants Original, Silent, Lite and Eco.
Today, Fjällräven is majority-owned by the Swedish Fenis Outdoor AB, which also owns the Hanwag and Primus brands.
Among the most popular Fjällräven products are classics such as the Greenland jacket, Vidda pants, Kanken backpack and Expedition down jacket.
Fjällräven's product range extends from outdoor clothing to tents and tent accessories, sleeping bags, hunting accessories, backpacks and bags, and even purses. On the Fjällräven website you can find tips on how to put together the individual products to suit your individual trekking trip.environmental protection is important to the company, so attention is paid to the most sustainable production and the durability of the products.

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