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Beware of Desigual counterfeit products!

Desigual history

The company name Desigual (German: ungleich) is program: they want to be different, the products of the Spanish clothing company, more colorful and shriller than the mass goods, just unequal.
The success story began in 1984 with the founding of the company by the Swiss Thomas Meyer. About 30 years ago, he had patchwork jackets tailored from a remnant of jeans. This business idea worked so well that he was able to open his first own store in Ibiza Town as early as 1986. Demand continued and the business grew. The expansion took on explosive dimensions under the new managing director Manel Adell in 2002. He realized that there was a market for non-conformist and brightly colored clothing in other countries as well. Through spectacular and creative marketing strategies, such as the "Come naked, go dressed" campaign, in which the first hundred customers who came in their underwear were given new clothes for free, the Spanish clothing company not only had the laughs on its side, but also established itself in the public perception as a young, fresh and non-conformist fashion label. With over two hundred stores and with outlets in over sixty-five countries worldwide, Desigual is now a global player and its growth continues unabated.


Desigual fashion

It's striking when a newcomer in the highly competitive fashion industry makes a name for itself so quickly and so clearly sets itself apart from the rest. Desigual has succeeded in this with its cheeky design and appearance. Products and advertising complement each other perfectly. Here the customer does not simply buy jeans, but Exotic Jeans. T-shirts and dresses are decorated with embroidery and reversible sequins. There are collections for men, women and children, as well as its own home decor series with lingerie and accessories for bedrooms and bathrooms. Likewise, the company offers its own sports collection with sportswear, sports shoes and sports accessories.
With the success and range of products, piracy was not long in coming.


Desigual fakes

Like many other successful fashion labels, the company has to struggle with counterfeits of their products. The victim is the customer, who has a hard time recognizing a Desigual fake. But how can you recognize a Desigual fake?
The first is the workmanship. A Desigual fake is often poorly processed, the sewn yarn has a different color, the product is inaccurately glued or set pieces do not match in color.
Secondly, a Desigual fake can often be recognized by the logo. Is the font and font size correct, does the logo contain the inverted "s" typical for Desigual products?
Thirdly, the best way to recognize a Desigual fake is to compare it directly with the original product. Take your newly purchased product to an original Desigual store and show it to the seller. He will be able to tell you with certainty whether you have been taken in by a Desigual fake.

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