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Beware of Crocs counterfeit products

The Crocs brand

Crocs has been an insane success story since 2002 with their colorful sandals, wedges, clogs or sneakers. The distinctive feature of this casual shoe is its material. The Crosslite foam resin is comfortable to wear, adapts to the shape of the foot and is antibacterial. For this reason, Crocs shoes have also now sold 300 million copies in over 90 countries.


Crocs shoe counterfeit and plagiarism report

The manufacturer Crocs is aware of the problem caused to the brand by the sale of counterfeits. Therefore, Crocs is also working to help customers educate and identify counterfeits.

To do so, you can send an email to Crocs' customer service at Please include information about the product, the retailer or the website and, if possible, photos of the product in question. Also feel free to refer to

Visit the Crocs homepage for more details about Crocs shoes.


Guide to recognize Crocs fakes

We can help you identify counterfeit Crocs shoes. Read our popular guide with counterfeit features and images: