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Canada Goose

Beware of Canada Goose counterfeit products

To protect residents and scientists in the Arctic from the cold, Canada Goose was founded almost 60 years ago in a small warehouse in Toronto. Today, Canada Goose is one of the world's leading suppliers of luxury clothing.

With the invention of a volume-based down filling machine, David Reiss and Sam Tick succeeded in developing unique equipment for one of the coldest regions in the world. For many years, Canada Goose jackets have been worn by film crews shooting at night or in icy locations. For example, Quentin Tarantino also wore a Canada Goose jacket on the set of "The Hateful Eight".

But the jackets are not only worn behind the camera. In 2004, the brand made its cinema debut in the films "The Day after Tomorrow" and "National Treasure". This increased not only the awareness, but also the popularity of the brand.

In addition to down parkas and jackets, the company's range also includes raincoats, snow pants and knitwear.

To protect the natural habitats of polar bears, Canada Goose supports the organization Polar Bears International (PBI). The proceeds of a specially designed PBI collection will be given to PBI.
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