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Beware of Armani counterfeit products!

The brand Armani

After Georgio Armani dropped out of medical school and worked as a window dresser, among other things, he and his partner Sergio Galeotti founded the fashion label named after him in 1974. Initially, the company offered only men's fashion. In 1975, the first women's collection was finally launched. After the death of his partner in 1985, Georgio Armani took over his shares in the company and still runs it himself today.

Armani products

Under the label Armani are several brands: From the original brand "Georgio Armani" to the haute couture fashion "Armani Privé" to the slightly more affordable collection of "Emporio Armani". With its different brands, the Italian company is broadly positioned. The fashion label also has several collections for babies, children and teenagers on the market. Georgio Armani is especially known for his fancy designs in his fashion. In addition to clothing, the fashion group also offers accessories such as belts and sunglasses, as well as bags. But also a hotel chain as well as a beauty line are managed under the name Armani. Georgio Armani is thus considered one of the most important and successful fashion designers of the 20th century.

Armani counterfeit products

Due to the popularity of the Armani brand, a lot of fakes are offered. Among them are of course fake Armani Jean but also all other Armani products are sold as counterfeit products especially in fraudulent fake stores offered.

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